Postdoc positions

When available, postdoc positions in the group are advertised on the Oxford chemistry website, (click on 'Vacancies'). Other potential sources of funding for research fellowships include schemes run by the University of Oxford and its colleges (search under 'Junior Research Fellowships' on college websites), EPSRC Postdoctoral Fellowships, Royal Society University Research Fellowships, EPSRC Career Acceleration Fellowships, Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowships, and Daphne Jackson Fellowships. Details of these schemes, including how to apply, may be found on the websites of the awarding bodies.

D.Phil positions

D.Phil. positions in the group are advertised on the Oxford chemistry website when available. Enquiries about joining the group from students with their own sources of funding are always welcomed.

Part II positions

If any Oxford undergraduates are interested in carrying out their fourth year research work in our group, please feel free to contact me to discuss possible projects.

Summer projects

There are a number of potential sources of funding for summer research projects, including the Wellcome Trust and the Nuffield Foundation, together with various schemes run by Oxford colleges. The application deadlines for these and similar schemes tend to be quite early, so students interested in summer projects should contact me early on in the academic year.