Here you can download .pdf files of the lecture notes and problems for the Reaction Kinetics lecture course (first year, Hilary term), the third year options lectures on Astrochemistry (Fundamentals of Atmospheric and Astrochemistry, Lectures 6-8), and Reaction Dynamics (Lectures 1-4), and the courses I used to teach on 'Properties of Gases' (first year, immediately before kinetics) and Symmetry and Group Theory (second year, Michaelmas term). You can also find current and past sets of tutorial problems for Hertford College students, and various handouts containing some extra notes on a few random topics from the physical chemistry course.

Lecture courses


Reaction Kinetics lecture notes
Kinetics lecture course problems
Old Kinetics lecture course problems (pre 2008)

Fundamentals of Atmospheric Chemistry and Astrochemistry

Astrochemistry lecture notes
Lecture course problems
Answers to lecture course problems

Reaction Dynamics

Reaction Dynamics lecture notes (lectures 1-4)
Lecture course problems

Symmetry I

Lecture notes and problems
Lecture course problems

Properties of Gases

Properties of Gases lecture notes
Properties of Gases lecture course problems
Old Properties of Gases lecture course problems (pre 2008)
Program for exploring the Maxwell Boltzmann distribution (This is a Windows program written using a software package called LabVIEW. Before you can run it, you will need to install the LabVIEW 7.0 runtime engine, available here. Once you have loaded the program, click the "Run Continuously" double arrow at the top left of the screen and you should be good to go.)

Tutorial Problem Sheets

Please check before each tutorial whether you should do problems from this website or problems handed out during the lectures. For some courses we'll use the problems below for the tutorials. For others we'll use the lecture course problems for the tutorial and you can use the problems below for revision purposes or extra practice.

First year

Units and Dimensions
Thermodynamics I
Thermodynamics II
Quantum Mechanics I
Quantum Mechanics II
Kinetics I

Second year

Quantum Mechanics III
Kinetics II
Statistical Mechanics I
Molecular Energy Levels
Molecular Spectroscopy
Transition State Theory

Third year

For all of the third year tutorials, we will use the lecture course problems. The following problem sets can be used for extra practice in any of the relevant subject areas (apologies for the tacky font - these were prepared some time ago when Comic Sans was all the rage!)

Thermodynamics III
Statistical Mechanics II
Modern Liquid Kinetics
NMR (Revision)
Atmospheric Chemistry
Molecular Interactions
Electrochemistry and Interfacial Kinetics
Reaction Dynamics
Advanced NMR
Advanced Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy
Advanced Kinetics and Reaction Dynamics
Advanced Photochemistry and Atmospheric Chemistry
Advanced Quantum Mechanics

Additional Notes

Quantum Numbers for Diatomic Molecules
Variation Principle and Huckel Molecular Orbital Theory
Theories of Unimolecular Reactions
Kinetics of Reactions at Surfaces
Introduction to Reaction Dynamics
Einstein and Debye heat capacities of solids
Low Energy Electron Diffraction
Equilibrium Constants 'Cheat Sheet'
Predicting Spin-Spin Coupling in NMR
Molecular Energy Levels / Spectroscopy
Transition State Theory
Photoelectric effect
Reflection and refraction of light
The Equipartition Theorem

Research Students

Some of these notes might be useful for Part II and D.Phil. students in my group.

Extracting alignment and orientation information from velocity-map ion images.
LabView program to determine optical cavity stability.
LabView program to calculate the refractive index of water as a function of wavelength, temperature and pressure.